The rebellious child in me is forever waiting for opportunities to do things that I'm not "allowed" to do. I always crack potty jokes at the dinner table just to watch my dad squirm in his chair with disgust. But if you can't talk about something as basic as poop then obviously, talking about sex is wayyyyyy off limits and so not "allowed", especially if you are a girl. We get judged and stared at for speaking our minds and not being docile enough. Now how does all this connect to the title of this page which says 'Draw Sex'? Well, for starters, the point of this exercise is to loosen up and to allow yourself to explore sexuality through art and be more expressive. Sounds lame? I know. But don't you think that there's a lot of tension and negativity around the word 'Sex' thanks to all that is happening in the country? It is so rare to find visuals which celebrate sex as a positive experience sans all the objectification of women in Bollywood songs, gender norms and patriarchy. Sex is a private matter, yes, but we are all social animals and sex is something that makes us all come alive, quite literally. So let's try to enjoy sex in more ways than one and try to put the fun back in sex and share them feels with each other, unabashedly. LET'S DRAW SEXY THINGSSSSSSSSS. Now that I hopefully have your attention, here are some ground rules : 1. You can draw whatever you want, just don't be mean. The point is not give a fuck about what people are going to think. 2. Since this blog is all about sharing shady thoughts, don't forget to share your artwork with your Instagram fans. Use the hashtah #सseSEX Your priceless drawings will be displayed in this sexy gallery so go ahead and show the world what sex means to you!







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