Posted on October 12, 2018


The views, thoughts and feelings expressed in this post are personal and any other views or thoughts are most welcome.


Our bodies are sacred temples, meant to be worshiped with love, respected and preserved with care. When we have ill thoughts, get hurt, disobey our own feelings or don't look after ourselves, the sanctity of our beloved temple is disrupted. Every part of our body, with a purpose of it's own, works together with our mind, heart and soul to define our actions and our existence. When a part of our body suffers an injury, it requires attention and medication to recuperate. But what happens when the  most sacred and intimate part of your temple is abused and taken for granted, repeatedly?


It's all around us; the negativity, those lustful eyes, the prowling beasts, waiting to barge in and spread their darkness. The number of women and non-binary individuals saying #MeToo has been heartbreaking and it has terrorized people from all sections of the society.


When I found out about a loved one's history of abuse, I was furious, blinded by rage, hurling abuses at the perpetrator. To be honest, for a moment there, the concept of 'Tit for Tat' didn't seem like a bad idea at all. But I was reminded by a very beautiful soul that nothing good ever comes out wishing ill for others. One thing that does however, make a difference is focusing on our own healing and doing absolutely everything to restore ourselves.


Lousia Hay very beautifully said, "We are all victims of victims". What we can do is look deeper, be empathetic, and pray for their healing, so they have the opportunity to find their way back to humanity.

One way to facilitate change is to never compromise or deny ourselves of our basic rights, dignity and happiness. We fight for the small things and the big ones, we don't say let things slide.




Ended up making a pros and cons list because that the best I could do.




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