Posted on June 4, 2018

I think that by now, it's quite obvious how incredibly awkward I get when it comes to talking about love and sex. I usually puke out a string of unrelated, absurd words unlike most mature, sane minded human beings who communicate through clear, tangible sentences. Like "Dahi-Shakkar" before every big event or exam, I did the one thing I know best, that is, procrastinate. Hah!  I spent some ridiculus amount of time on making a very elaborate pros and cons list so I could feel like I'm working towards something and not just sitting ducks.


Are you wondering what good could possibly come out of putting yourself right in the center of an awkward conversation and sharing shady, secret thoughts about a fellow human being? Here's a few advantages for starters..

1. Feedback + Practice + More practice = Ultimate Pleasure

2. You don't have to fake it just because "O" couldn't make it

3. This is your game. You make the rules.

4. Significant boost in annual confidence rate

5. Upgraded connection : Extra happiness.


There's only one, teeny-tiny glitch with all this talking and sharing business, if you are not careful or empathetic towards your partner, you cooooould, maybeeee, start a mini war. But, WORRY NOT, you can learn from all the mistakes I made in the past. Here's a few things tricky things to keep in mind in order to maintain a healthy balance between sharing and over sharing...

1. What if I don't know when to shut up?!

2. Opening all the mystery boxes in one go also makes all the fun go.

3. Possible risk of a fatal blow to the ego.

4. Taking it too personally a.k.a. dil pe le lena.

5. Fear of fucking up! Fear of doing anything. FEAR.

Ummmm, I think I scared myself out of this whole project for a minute there. I hate to agree but there are a few risks involved while doing anything, even pooping! It sucks, I know. But, imagine this; you go to a new restaurant and order some experimental dishes. Who knows, the next day you might fall sick orrrrrrrr maybe, you have the best meal of your life! You wouldn't know for sure if you never try it in the first place. The whole point of sharing things is that without clear communication, it's a little unrealistic to get what you want (unless the other person can read you mind). The lack of conversation about sensitive matter like these leaves room for fuck ups and we don't want that, do we?


These are some of the possibilities I could think of, as of now. Can you think of more? Come on, spit it out!




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